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Easy reading is damn hard writing.

Dr. Maya Angelou

Author’s Spotlight: Michaela Carter

We’re back with another edition of Author’s Spotlight! Today we’re talking with the amazing Michaela A. Carter, Owner & Content Specialist at the ADM Agency! When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? I discovered this early on when I won an essay contest while in elementary school. I didn’t know I […]

Family Ties

My favorite plants are the white ones that grow on the side of our bathtub. Whenever the wood underneath gets soaked from the leaks in our old copper pipes, the tiny, umbrella-shaped plants blossom. Mama says they’re called ‘shrooms, but not like the kind in our refrigerator. We couldn’t eat the ones that grew in […]

I Deleted All of My Social Media. Here Are A Few Things I Do Instead.

“Are you sure you want to deactivate Instagram?” Yes. That’s how it all started. I was a serial Instagrammer, Facebooker, and TikToker. If I wasn’t watching random calligraphy or cooking videos, I was laughing at my favorite TikTok comedian or a dank meme. And if I wasn’t doing those, I was being force-fed devastating world […]

Author’s Spotlight: Ken Gordon

Hey folks! We’re back at it! For this issue of Author’s Spotlight, I’d like to introduce veteran author Ken Gordon! 1.   What is your favorite genre to write and why? Philosophers Dante and Oscar Wilde had opposing points when it came to art. Dante felt art imitates life, while Oscar Wilde felt life imitates art far […]


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