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Author’s Spotlight: Michaela Carter

We’re back with another edition of Author’s Spotlight! Today we’re talking with the amazing Michaela A. Carter, Owner & Content Specialist at the ADM Agency!

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I discovered this early on when I won an essay contest while in elementary school. I didn’t know I was a good writer until then, so I kept at it and eventually started to write a book in 6th grade. Fun story, I never finished that book because my teacher found it and read a few lines that were a little too “grown” for me, haha. So, he gave it to my nana who was also a 6th-grade teacher – I did get into a little trouble, but she and my mom agreed that it was actually a great story. That moment reassured me that I had great storytelling skills. In high school, I joined the yearbook staff and that really fueled my passion, leading me to take writing more seriously in college. I eventually started a blog, worked for local magazines, and even changed my major to Journalism. That’s when I knew writing would be a significant part of my life’s story.

What do you hope to accomplish by being a writer?

I’ve ghostwritten two books in the past, but I would love to pen my own set of novels and children’s books. It’s my dream for my words to reach a worldwide audience and really touch those who read them. My goal is to make writing my primary career and spend my time traveling, experiencing every aspect of life, and documenting it all in books. I would love to also teach writing courses and help other young writers develop their skills. I plan to expand my small business into a prominent copywriting agency in the industry, helping brands tell their story through compelling copy. Ultimately, I want writing to be my outlet to help those around me in any way that I can.

Describe your creative writing process.

It usually starts with God laying something on my heart to flesh out. About 90% of the blog posts I’ve written in the past have come from late-night revelations and car conversations with God. So, I start with Him. From there, I just let the pen flow (aka I start typing away, haha). I don’t have a fancy outline that I use. I barely have any structure when I write. I just write. My brain sometimes forms sentences faster than I can type, so I may pull out my phone to voice record my thoughts. Other than that, I allow myself to be free when writing. No step-by-step process – just me, God, and my laptop/journal.

Keep killing it, Michaela!

To check out some of her professional work, go to her portfolio, and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @theadmagency!


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