Meet Jayde

BREAKING NEWS: Former Corporate Marketer Returns To Her Creative Writing Roots FOR GOOD!  

How art thou! My name is Jayde Spooner, Creator of puffSOCIAL.

I am an innovative content developer and strategist with solid success creating, editing, and delivering promotional marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

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But…more importantly, I am a CREATIVE WRITER. I think storytelling is the most essential part of the human experience.

puffSOCIAL is for all creative writers (poetry, prose, screenwriters, etc.). Whether you’re a veteran writer, a beginner, or just getting back in the game, puffSOCIAL was made to inspire you.

Fun Facts!

  1. I am introvert (read the article attached for a REAL definition).
  2. I’ve been to Cuba.
  3. I am working on my first novel.
  4. My favorite song is “Work Song” by Hozier.
  5. My favorite author is Lemony Snicket.
  6. During a dance competition, I accidently kicked my shoe off – I launched it forty feet in the air.

Proof Writing Is My Life

BA, English – Creative Writing.

MFA, Creative Writing Candidate.

Graduate Certificate, Professional Writing Candidate.

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